Jessica is a Midwest girl, only occasionally straying from the Mississippi River, with Southern roots. She is passionate about helping others understand the Grand Narrative found in Scripture and to then live out that Story in their space and as the person God crafted them to be.

As a daughter of two pastors and an ordained minister herself (www.wesleyan.org), she has a love/hate relationship with the church which has lead her to her latest endeavor: helping churches fulfill their call to make disciples in ways that are smart and healthy (www.leaderbuild.org).

Jessica’s heart is for those who are displaced and a firm believer that God can handle the hard places of life and doesn’t flinch at our angst (as a momma to two children now with Jesus she’s counting on that). When she is not teaching/preaching, writing, or mentoring she is probably baking up some unique food creation, reading another book instead of doing the dishes in the sink, or watching superhero shows with her daughter (Zoe) and husband (Scott). She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and has spent her adult life working in social services with families and children/youth or in church ministry.



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