So what will you find here?  What does a parable of Jesus, a retelling of a fairy tale classic, and a bacon-apple-gouda muffin have to do with anything, or each other.

Everything and nothing at all and I don’t know.

But then again … everything.

Over and over, I find myself drawn to Scripture, drawn to stories (especially the ones we keep retelling – our own and others), and the taste of food that satisfies in ways familiar and unexpected.

They probably aren’t related, but I can’t help feel they are.

So, that is what I write about.

Because, connected or not, I think they all matter.

In Eugene Peterson’s book Practice Resurrection: a conversation on growing up in Christ, he refers to Plato’s idea of “universals.”  The universals were “the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.”  Plato “held that if we are to live a whole and mature life, the three had to work together harmoniously in us.”  Peterson goes on to say that “Without Beauty, Truth and Goodness have no container, no form, no way of coing to expression in human life.  Truth divorced from Beauty becomes abstract and bloodless.  Goodness divorced from Beauty becomes loveless and graceless.”

This is my attempt at finding Truth and Beauty and Goodness.

This is my theorem … that they may be found in the greatest story ever told (theology), the stories we tell (words), and the food we eat (fare).

And that usually, the process that we go to get to our theorem, one that reflects Beauty and Truth and Goodness, is a bit like making stained glass.


piece by piece,

sometimes broken,

blurred colors,

intense heat and pressure,

that with the help of the Spirit become a reflection of the One that is beautiful beyond description, as true as the North Star, and always good.